How to Oust Google From Your Life

Truly, it’s time to realize that privacy equals freedom. In today’s technology-driven landscape, you cannot be free unless you have privacy. The two go hand in hand. So, don’t delay. Start taking back your privacy and your freedom today by ditching any and all Google products, starting with Gmail.
Several of the most commonly-used Google traps are listed below: 
  • Do not convert the Google accounts you created as a student into personal accounts. Switch to a secure document sharing service — Ditch Google Docs and use another alternative such as Zoho Office, Etherpad, CryptPad, OnlyOffice or Nuclino, all of which are recommended by NordVPN. Digital Trends has also published a number of alternatives.
  • Delete all Google apps from your phone and purge Google hardware.
  • Avoid websites that use Google Analytics — To do that, you’ll need to check the website’s privacy policy and search for “Google.” Websites are required to disclose if they use a third-party surveillance tool. If they use Google Analytics, ask them to switch!
  • Don't use Google Home devices in your house or flat — These devices record everything that occurs in your home, both speech and sounds such as brushing your teeth and boiling water, even when they appear to be inactive, and send that information back to Google. The same goes for Google's home thermostat Nest and Amazon's Alexa.
  • Don't use an Android cellphone, as it’s owned by Google. de-googled Andriod phones are available, but certainly do not switch to Apple iPhone, that is like jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire.
  • Ditch Siri, which draws all its answers from Google.
  • Don't use Fitbit, as it was recently purchased by Google and will provide them with all your physiological information and activity levels, in addition to everything else that Google already has on you.
  • Stop using Gmail — Use a privacy based encryption service like Waychi Mail or Proton Mail. Stop using the Google Chrome browser and Google Search, Chromium browswer is the open source, and therefore not Google's Chrome browswer, Brave (also based on Chromium) is the overwhelming browser of choice and while you are there you can use the new Brave search engine.


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