The Blues/Funk Transcendance

Perfection is not a reality, so we must at some point accept that we will always be on that journey ... with all the peaks, valleys and avalanches it entails.

Success on all scales requires developing tenacity, self-love, forgiveness, and being in the moment, while learning how to cope as we rise bit by bit from the clutches & tendrils of a trauma-based society to engage unity in helping to build a gorgeous, joyful, loving post-trauma society. 
The more people who reach the other side - the more gravitas there is for those who remain traumatized. That means, the power emitted by the healed, helps to empower the unhealed. What is happening is a gradual switch to something more pure, wholesome, loving, in rejection of everything that's built on hate, fear, ego and greed. It is EXACTLY the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius!!!
I am so far from perfect!!! Fortunately I make fewer, and less intnse mistakes than I used to. This makes me happy, which makes me more self-forgiving, which helps me to make less mistakes - so ultimately, it's a supremely self-empowering cycle. I've come to realize that we can NEVER rely on other people's thoughts, opinions and criticisms because there is absolutely no one on God's Green Earth who knows & respects your unique experience. Sometimes, I let people talk just because I know they need to be heard and I let the words go in one ear and out the other. Other times, when an ego is too oppressive, I will not tolerate the oppression and THAT is one of the areas that needs a little more work! 
Take all advice & criticism sparingly, and with a grain of salt!
I've developed a routine for myself to help me get out of a funk, and I'm thrilled to say that it is rare when I get in a funk anymore, this is a tremendous accomplishment. Some funks are more intense than others, but fundamentally it requires loud music, dancing, singing and if there happens to be chocolate - that too. I always go to my Funk playlist to zap me out of my funk; by the time Chaka comes on, I'm in pretty good shape. 
Over decades, the Blues turned into Funk, which because of its JOY has helped BILLIONS of people around the world to transcend their funks. This shows how you too can transcend your funks in order to "get to the other side" where the gravity of JOY pulls you harder and harder. 
LOVE IS ALWAYS THE ANSWER! I can promise you that! 
When you cannot give someone love in person, for any numer of reasons, send it to them through the air. Just say the words, "I love you!" and think of that person, and it is done. 
I'm a huge advocate of finding Joy wherever possible, in conjunction with Do No Harm. The search for Joy reveals those shining moments of perfection that help you through the difficult times, and makes it all worthwhile. This is usually what you do wholly for your SELF - your growth & empowerment. 
The Other Side is an AMAZING PLACE TO BE! Once you reach a certain frequency - I think Gratitude - everything moves more quickly - the serendipidies, the manifestations, the telepathy etc. (Fifth Dimensional Abilities). You begin to trust the frequency shift and employ it more fully. I'm compelled to share my most recent experience, to illustrate this point. 
I dabble in Numerology. I'm truly a neophyte who's prolly more dangerous than helpful, but I know I'm not the only person who recognizes that the number 11/22/22 is powerful, not only because it represents an anniversary of JFK's assassination. Well, my sub conscious / spirit recognized it as an important turning point, and shut down all the avenues that I'm no longer supposed to be engaged with! (Excellent job, subconscious! Thank you!) It was almost as though a tornado ripped through my life, took away everything that no longer serves, and left exactly the blank space that's needed to create My Future. After the energy flipped, I immediately published the very beginnings of a new passion project, DEMAND FREE ENERGY NOW!!!. I now have the freedom to go anywhere in the world, do anything I want. I'm already in the midst of a creative explosion, and it's magnificent! 
Beginning this morning, I take Manifstation to the next level.

It all starts with Thanks to God Almighty!!! 

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