Let's Get DSSE (pronounced DIZZY) is based upon a simple belief that everyone surely can find at least one hour a month for someone else. Imagine if everyone did at least that, for those who wish to, much more.
We will be setting up a database where we can all list things that we need, be that stuff or services. We in turn can then all look at the listings & respond where we think we can help.
The recipient will then make a donation to a project of the providers choosing as a thank you. It's up to them to choose how much. For someone for whom money is tight, this may be very little. Meanwhile, someone else for whom money is not a worry may choose to be generous. Either way, some sort of remuneration is the key. Someone who is struggling one day, both in terms of help needed & financially maybe 'give back' by exploring other people's requests. We all have something to give. 
Imagine the community connections we can build. Imagine how we can ensure that everyone has somewhere to turn when in need. Imagine the funds we can build for community projects & good causes. Imagine the unwanted stuff that can go to a new home instead of a landfill. 
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