To most of us, money is like water to a fish. We do not question it, indeed it's probably better for some that we do not!. We simply assume it is some benign thing that surrounds us, that we cannot live without, either individually or collectively. 
And yet money is a human invention, an artificial construct, a legal fiction. In truth, the only reason it exists at all is because we choose to believe in it. It is quite simply, entirely dependent upon this belief.
This group is all about exploring and educating ourselves, in many cases for the first time ever, on something that dominates pretty much every aspect of our lives. 
Who controls it, who decides how much there is, why is money synonymous with debt, why is it the ultimate carrot to reward us or stick with which to beat us?. Why, apparently, must some go hungry or lack shelter or warmth, simply because they do not have sufficient of this thing called money?.
Ultimately . . . . . . . do we really need it?. Just how much does money cost?. How do we pay for it?.
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