This Group has a very specific purpose, which is to unite all members of The Way behind Richard Buckminster Fuller's iconic quote,

" You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete".

Ideally, we would like all those who join The Way, to start their journey on this platform by joining The Buckminster Fuller Appreciation Society group, based upon our belief that if you have chosen to join The Way, you will very likely resonate with his quote. 
The primary purpose of The Way is to bring us together in common purpose. A desire to build an alternative to a toxic system without having to fight it or those who would seek to maintain it is we would hope a desire that we all share.
We invite you to explore this group in order to learn about Buckminster Fuller. He was a visionary whose legacy extends way beyond one inspirational quote.
We then invite you to explore the growing number of 'RELATED GROUPs'. (third tab above) If this group is about the 'what', i.e. build an alternative, the related groups is all about those who are doing exactly that, in other words, 'how', or about subject matter relevant to what arguably needs to change.  Basically, this group is intended as a hub, or conduit for research & active involvement in all things alternative.
You may already be actively involved in one or more. You may wish to add one where you are involved, but is not yet listed, in which case please relate it back to this group.
By exploring the growing list we hope you will find a group or groups that you would like to commit some time to in support.
Whatever you decide, we look forward to supporting you on your journey & you supporting us on ours. Please check back in with this group often to see what's new in terms of new groups. 
Look upon it as a portal to all things positive & productive in alignment with the vision encapsulated in one simple quote.
This group has been inactive for a while. The content may no longer be relevant.

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